Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Opportunities Are There?

The site is a collaboration among organizations with a centralized event calendar that anyone can use, and everyone benefits from with increased volunteer opportunities, from small tasks to larger, longer projects.  All skills are needed, so whatever you do, there's a good chance you can put your skills to use helping others.

Is Help Florida Now a 501c3 Charity?

Yes! Help Florida Now is an ongoing public initiative of Action Sports Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 charitable organization based in Central Florida.

Can I Use My Own Equipment?

Absolutely! All our volunteers are self-sufficent and generally provide their own transportation and tools for whatever type of project it may be, while HFN helps provide the materials such as tarps and building materials to these volunteers through the Help Florida Now Relief Fund.

What Else Can I Do To Help?

If ypou're unable to volunteer, there's plenty of other ways to help others, whether it be donating, helping with online tasks, and of course spreading the word through social media.
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